"People ask me why i drive from Sherman Oaks to Santa Monica to see Dr. Simeone and his team. And i answer  with 'service'. When i had a problem with my filling Dr. Simeone met me at the office on a Sunday to help me out....WOW- thats service."
Adam Coatesville PA

"During the early part of my acting career i put off my teeth.  But when my tooth strarted to hurt i know i had to find a good honest reliable dentist.  I was referred to Dr. Simeone and have since been so pleased that i referred my wife and 3 other  friends."
Steve HoneyBrooke PA

"I had a West Chester dentist that wanted over $6000.00 upfront before he would even clean my teeth after a 5 minute exam.  Dr. Simeone gave me the time i deserved and explained everything to me in detail and even took color picture of my teeth to show me where I had problems. And together we're working on improving my smile step by step"
Marissa Dowingtown PA

"My previous dentist made me feel ashamed of the condition of my teeth.  Dr. Mark spent over an hour reviewing my teeth, x-rays, and took free intra oral photos.  We went over my mouth one tooth at a time until i totally understood what was going on and more importantly why they were going on.  Dr. Mark asked me about my family history and my medical condition.  Thanks Dr. Mark"
Robin Romansville PA

"I was referred to Dr. Simeone by a friend when I had a tooth ache.  And when Dr. Simeone thought it would be best to be seen by a specialist he had his office call and schedule the appointment for me.  Now that is service!"
Bobby Exton PA

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